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Our Hotel & Cacao Holidays

Visit our Hacienda. Enjoy unforgettable days on an award-winning cocoa plantation.

Taste original, exclusive Betulia cocoa and enjoy our organically grown vegetables. Experience in a family atmosphere, how organic Criollo cocoa is produced innovative and sustainable. Craft your own handmade chocolate!

Relax in the incomparable Colombian nature and visit our rainforest reserve.

Rustic 1, 2 and 4 bed rooms directly on our hacienda await you.

You can book two unforgettable experiences for your stay at Hacienda Betulia:

Create your own chocolate

Experience how chocolate is made from our high-quality Betulia Criollo cocoa. Surprise your friends and family with your own, handmade, exclusive chocolate.

Take a tour of our plantation

Experience all stages of our sustainable cocoa production. From planting and grafting to finally drying of the cacao beans. A unique experience awaits you!

Our rooms await you.

1 bed

2 bed

4 bed

Please let us know, when you want to enjoy our hospitality and what room size you prefer. We will answer immediately! This is a non-binding request.

You can also reach us by email:

Janeth at Cacao Betulia

Or via phone:

+57 321 8621119

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An unforgettable vacation on an award-winning, organic cocoa plantation.

Relax in Colombian nature.

Enjoy our Criollo cacao.

Make your own chocolate!

Our family farm hotel will provide an artisanal chocolate making experience.

Enjoy original Betulia food,
made with our organic grown vegetables.