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Hacienda Betulia

We grow organic
Single Variety Colombian

Enjoy unforgettable days on our cocoa plantation. Experience in a family atmosphere how our organic Criollo cocoa is made. Make your own chocolate by hand and visit our rainforest reserve.

1 x Silver, 3 x Bronze at the International Chocolate Awards 2019. Thanks a lot!

Hacienda Betulia is a Swiss-Colombian family business located in a beautiful traditional landscape to the east of the provincial capital of Medellin.

Our Hacienda has successfully incorporated all the required elements of a modern sustainable cocoa plantation, including scientific soil analyses, genetic testing of the cacao varietals, the application of sustainable farm practices and a sophisticated fermentation concept.

After years of ongoing development, innovation and enthusiastic work, the vision of a Colombian Cacao Criollo with rare and complex flavours finally came true.

Hacienda Betulia was awarded as the most innovative cacao farm 2018 in Colombia by FEDERACION NACIONAL DE CACAOTEROS.

Video: Join us in the Flight over Hacienda Betulia.


Betulia, Criollo and all about Cacao.

Salon du Chocolate 2019

Salon du Chocolate 2019

International Chocolate Awards 2019: Cacao Betulia wins 3 x Bronze, 1 x Silver. A stunning success one year, after our first chocolate bar was created.

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We are shipping high-quality Colombian Cacao beans directly to customers in Europe and especially Switzerland. Please feel free to contact us.