International Chocolate Awards 2019:
Cacao Betulia wins 3 x Bronze, 1 x Silver.

A stunning success – one year, after our first chocolate bar was created.

Cacao Betulia won 3 x Bronze for:
– Bronze: Cacao Betulia (Switzerland) – Cacao Betulia B6 100% ( * Made with Taucherli)
– Bronze: Cacao Betulia (Switzerland) – Cacao Betulia B8 80% ( * Made with Chocolatoa)
– Bronze: Cacao Betulia (Switzerland) – Cacao Betulia B9 80% ( * Made with Chocolatoa)

All three handmade chocolates are available in our online shop (until our stock lasts).

Our friends from ZOTO, Belgium, won 1 x Silver with their creation Betulia Ocho (70%), Made with our unique flavoured Betulia B8 variant.

This is a limited special Tree-to-Bar chocolate:

– 5-day box (50 kg), 6 turns, micro-lot

– Drying: 14-day open sun-air drying on wood,

– Roasting: 130 ° for 18 minutes

– Special ZOTO flavour notes: Thyme, forrest herbs/flowers, peanut

Thanks to all, who support us in the last year!